Monday, August 4, 2008

Bhakti Yoga is for everyone, no matter what you believe

Hatha and Raja are the most popular forms of yoga at this moment. On of the reasons that this is the case is because these forms of yoga are more physical. Bhakti on the other hand is a form of yoga that is less popular because it more bend towards the spiritual then the other two. When we say less popular we mean less outside of India of course. It deals with the devotion to the Almighty and the union of love.

Reading this you can think for yourself why this form of yoga is not very popular in other countries then India. You can also say that it is quite Hindu centric because of the close connections it has to Hinduism.

A question that you hear very often would be if it is possible for a non-Hindu person to get involved in bhakti but still be loyal to their own believe system. The answer would be yes, some would even go as far as to call it a sectarian form of yoga and a person with an other religion may like the idea of comming together and worship as one. Therefor, if you like to meditate and also pray, sing, maybe even chant the name of god with a group of people then it could be that bhakti yoga is what you have been looking for all along.

God Is omnipresent and because of this no one religion can claim him or her for itself. That should lead you to conclude that anyone from any kind of religion can practice this, in fact, a lot of people from different believes do.

There is more then one form you can practice. There are two forms that are worth mentioning.

Nishkamya Bhakti

This form is most used to give praise to the Almighty one and is a way of telling you accept and appreciate the different situations. It is a way of becoming a finder, instead of a seeker, of the good things in life.

Sakamya Bhakti

A form of yoga to show that you are devoted to the Almighty and that you wish to ask for something. This can be a material item or power but also getting rid of a disease. This is best practised when you want a certain requirement dealt with.

Of course this is a very simplified representation of what this all entails. Once you start reading up on the subject or start going to classes you will see that there much more to it then we can explain in this short piece of text. You should, however, see that this form of yoga is not only for Hindu people, anyone with whatever kind of believe or religion can practice it.

Yoga is for everyone, even the types that are more religion orientated then physical. Sometimes you will have to adapt the routines for your religion and sometimes it has nothing to do with believing in anything and there is no problem at all. Read up on the subject or ask people already practising it.

Writen by :Carol Haily

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